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Josh, Joey, Harlee Jo 13, Kodee Jae 9, Oaklee Jess 7 and Kohlton Jace 5. This is our family. We love to laugh and have fun. We love nature and the outdoors. We love to camp, fish, hunt, ride ATV's, all sports and working with animals. We thank the Lord everyday for the gift's we have received in our life. We have wonderful families who we love. We love where we live and all the friends we have. We couldn't have been more blessed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bubby's First Wrestling match

Kohltons first wrestling match....what can I say, I loved it! He smiled the whole time and said he liked it. I thought he did pretty well for his first time.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and Kodee's 9th Birthday!

Well We had a good time this year for Halloween. Darceys and Abbeys family came out and the kids had a blast trick or treating. It was the first time in a very long time that everybody on my side of the family was together....all at the same time!!! It was a miracle! I only wish it would happen more I miss all the craziness.

Kodee's birthday we great- we had a good time. Kodee was way excited she got an American Doll and she loves to do its hair. She also got a docking station for her IPOD, and lots of money and stuff as she puts it.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can not tell you how Thankful I am to have so many blessings upon us. We are happy and full of love. I love this time of year, not for the weather but for the time it gives us to remember why we are here on this Earth and to give our thanks and gratitude to our Father in Heaven for this beautiful world we live in. Times are hard for a lot of people right now and I just sit here and think of all the precious gifts he has given to me. I could not be more grateful for the things and people I have in my life. Sometimes we need "hard times" to help us remember what we do have. So thanks to all of you who are there for my family and who support us. Love you all!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update that's all!

Well we had fun on our Antelope trip and were successful again! I did however take the bigger buck AGAIN. Josh said he wasn't going to take me again. We are leaving tomarrow to go get our Book Cliff spike Elk tags filled. The hunt doesn't actually start until Saturday but we have some scouting to do- I am sure we all will come home with the same, but mine will be the bigger spike right? Harlee had her first Junior High Volleyball game last night and YES we beat Union! She had a good time, I just can't believe we are into school sports now! My palms were sweating and I was all trying to get her "pumped" up and she looks at me and is like why do you get that way? I just say cuz I am excited for you! are you not excited? She says "well, no I just want to play". She is way too laid back to be my daughter! But I love her just the way she is! She tones me down right?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Dace is Here!

We add another boy to the family. Wyatt and Heather recieved their baby boy last Wednesday! He is Darling! They named him Dace Wyatt Olsen. I feel so bad that we haven't been able to spend time with him, we have all beeen sick!!! I am so excited all of the boys on my side of the family have 2 weeks in between their birthdays. Kohlton Aug. 14- Brooks Sept. 1- Dace Sept. 16- Ezra Sept. 28- Abram Oct. 7. Pretty cool they are all born around the same time of year. I can't wait for all the boy sports, like football. Well congratulations Wy and Heath Love you! Your girls will be a big help!

Friday, August 28, 2009

School has Started and the Hunt is on!

So School has started again. Not so sure how we feel about it, it is good to be back on a schedule but where did the summer go?
Harlee is now in 7th grade, Kodee in 3rd and Oaklee in 1st. Bubby is just at home with me. He isn't to thrilled at just staying home this year. It will be good though lots of fun we can have just us two.
We decided not to do anymore stock shows for the remainder of this year. Too much going on. Kodee and Harlee have started Volleyball and are having fun. Josh and I are just about done with our Co-Ed softball and onto hunting we go. We drew out for Antelope in Wyoming again and can't wait, we have spotted out a couple of nice bucks-we will see who will get the bigger one this year. Then Harlee has drew out for a chucker hunt and is excited about that. We all have spike elk bookcliff tags this year and it will be awesome to see what we can get. It will be good to go out and see what Harlee can do being it her first year of big game hunting. Can't wait. I am sure that we will update on all our Hunts as the season goes on.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yellowstone- And Stuff!

So we have been pretty busy lately with Stock Show, Softball practices, Softball games, T-Ball games Pre-school Graduation, Kindergarten Graduation and Vacationing. I have not had alot of time to even check e-mails and T.V. barely getting by on sleep but that's how we roll. I guess. Well so after we did the whole school thing and they were finished, we headed right into the Vernal Stock Show. It went well, Harlee could have done better but this year I guess she wasn't feeling it. She ended up taken 5Th in Showmanship with her Lamb. Like I said she could have done better but there is always another one. She will be taking a lamb to the Duchesne County Fair and then to State Fair. We may even take the long trip back up to Billings Montana to the NILE show they have up there. So we have about a month and a half before the next one. They are so much fun and the kids do love it. I just can't wait for Kodee to start showing this coming year, she can't wait any longer. The sale went well, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bill bought Harlee's hog. Thanks a bunch guys- for all of your support. I bought our very first 2 steers. We brought them home to feed for about a month to finish them off before we take them to the butcher. It's kinda sad though, I kinda like them. We bought them from the neighbor kids during the sale. I am glad that we can support some of the kids around here, we know how much work they put into these animals to have them go to market. Well Harlee's Softball team hasn't won a game but it doesn't mean that they suck! We keep getting tied at each game and we are visiting and the other team scores a run. IT SUCKS! Harlee has been in a hitting slump this year but has finally started to make contact with the ball these past few games. She has always been a good ball player but she kinda lost it for a while. Kodee's team on the other hand has done extremely well this year we have only lost one game and placed 2ND in league and Kodee has also found her groove in batting. She loves it- and she has a bad temper when she misses the ball. It's all good but when she starts throwing her bats and helmets it is NOT so good. Trying to teach her to be competitive and still have good sportsmanship is really hard. Tournaments for both girls start next week- ALL WEEK. So after all of that last Thursday night Josh called me during one of our late games, he was home feeding and doing chores, and said "Hey lets just go to Dubois tomorrow okay?" I said, okay. so we woke up the next morning and took off to Dubois Wyoming. For those of you who don't know Josh lived there from 6Th to 10Th grade, Then back to Vernal. I have been there a couple of times before and it is beautiful. Josh has alot of Good friends that are like his real family- at least they treat him like he is there own. Just good people. Well while we were there it rained, it snowed, and it was cold. Like 31 DEGREES cold in JUNE. We went up to Whiskey Mountain and it still is Pretty even in the 2" snow that they got that night. The sun came out for a bit and it was all good. So we decided Monday morning that we would go through Yellowstone Since I have never been there. It was awesome the kids loved it! We saw 2 real life wild Grizzly bears running around it was neat. Lots of Buffalo/Bison and lots of Elk. We went to Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs, Both beautiful! In very different ways. I won't forget. Very Big- the country there is amazing- so pretty. Every where you look there is something that just touches you. I can't believe what a beautiful world we live live in. I mean just so amazing! If you have not been just take off like we did and do it! You wont regret it. So that was our quick little get away vacation. Unplanned and just fly off the handle kind of vacation we needed. So back to work and life as we know it! Pics I assume will be probably all mixed up so they range from School Grads to Yellowstone every thing in between. Thanks to all for your support and love. LOVE YA!